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Fictional Species Catalogue Edit

I had the idea to create a fictional species catalogue some time ago. After working on it for a time, I realized that the best form for this was as a wiki, given the number of interconnects, multiple names, etc. Looking up other wikis of this sort, I found another which I believed fit the bill, but it has fallen into disuse, has very few articles, and has since been re-oriented to something all-but-completely unrelated to its name.

This wiki is about the fictional species that populate any fictional universe, that is any universe in any work of fiction. It is not intended to replace the articles on wikis specific to those works of fiction, but rather be a digest of the information contained therein.

I will create a FSC Wiki Format article very shortly, which will explain the rigid format for all articles in this wiki. I'll get the ball rolling, and with any luck, this wiki can become one of the best sources of information on --KenoSarawa 22:17, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

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